Monday, October 8, 2012

9.30.2012 Puffer Mountain

It was another rainy weekend in the Adirondacks, so instead of staying in Troy wishing the weather was better, Cam and I decided to head back to Puffer Mountain.  We ended up hiking through chest deep snow and dense forest before realizing that we weren't even close to the cliffs.  Instead of waking up early in the morning, we slept a few miles from the private parking lot and started hiking in the morning.

The most maintained part of the trail.
Starting up the rock-bed creek.
After a 5.5 hour bushwack we caught the first glimpse of the cliffs and crossed a large beaver dam to get a better look.  A good portion of the hike followed a creek that flowed over moss-covered rock, which was the most scenic part of the hike.
Flagging trees.
One of the beaver ponds.
We tied marking tape along the "trail" to make it easier to find the cliffs again in the winter for ice climbing.  There are only a few documented rock climbs here, so there is great potential for FAs.

Mossy, waterfalls, textured rock.
First glimpse of the cliffs through a blanket of fog.
Fog clearing, making our way around the large beaver pond to cross over to the cliff side.

Arriving at the cliffs.  The view from the base does not show the true height.

Another angle.  The base is not groomed or maintained at all.
Hiking back down the stream.
Lots of running water over moss.

More water. More moss. Falling leaves.
Back down at Puffer Pond.  Had to hike around it instead of walking over the ice like we did last time.
Looking down the pond, trees changing colors.

We'll be back for the ice.

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