Saturday, September 22, 2012

9.20.2012 Training Session

Earlier in February I wrote a post about the construction of my home training center.  I stopped by Rock Spot Climbing during my quick visit back to Rhode Island after climbing at Mt. Washington over winter break.  There was a box full of used holds and bags of foot chips in the gear shop, so Cam and I bought a bunch of holds to mount on the truss back in New York.

Now we have holds made of real plastic in addition to shaped 2x4s, door molding and wooden railing.  After falling "through" a single mattress and hitting the ground during one of the first sessions, we double stacked mattresses for extra padding.  During a typical workout we traverse the crack by hand and with ice tools, traverse with hands and use feet on the bottom board with foot chips, do pullups on the rock rings and do pushups along a ladder on the ground.  Also, we just started doing a ladder workout inspired by Markus Bendler (1:08 Vimeo: Eisprinz - Chapter one).

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