Monday, February 10, 2014

1.26.14 Fueled by Paella

100+ miles. 
Some more enjoyable than others. 
South of Sacramento along the Delta.
Starting off the day with a big apple fritter, after breakfast paella, may not have been the best idea.

Meeting up at Old Soul, the normal coffee meetup spot, before hitting the road.
Shorts and a light jacket (t-shirts later on) isn't too bad for late January riding conditions.

Arrived at Brannan Island and set up camp.  Don chops up some of the wood bundles we picked up about 10 miles back.
Let the Paella begin.  Meat first...
Remove meat, add onions and spices along with a can of fire roasted tomatoes and rice.
White wine and chicken broth added.
Add the meat back to the top and top with shrimp.
Finish up over the fire to get the soccrant on the bottom of the pan.
Add bacon and egg to the leftovers. Breakfast is served.
Rolling through Rio Vista for second breakfast.  Two coffees and two big apple fritters for less than $5.
Ferry closed.  Looks like we need to backtrack a bit to ride up the other side of the river.
Endless vineyards and nut farms along most of the route back.
Time to take off a layer.  Notice the sailboat peeking up from behind the levee.

Getting chased by nasty looking dogs while admiring the herd.  Mount Diablo seen through the fog in the background.
Made it to the other ferry crossing.  30 more miles of riding back to Sacramento.