Thursday, May 29, 2014

5.24.2014 Riding the Coast to Half Moon Bay

Don met me in SF at the 24th and Mission BART station.  We came across two other tourists heading south and spoke about the best routes out of the city.
We left the city via The Wiggle and Golden Gate Park, which ended up dropping us at the beach alongside The Great Highway.
Views from Fort Funston where we stopped to eat lunch and watch hang gliders ride the coastal winds. 
Conquering the hilly neighborhoods of Daly City.
We found a segment of bike path that dropped us off at beautiful Linda Mar Beach.
Back on Highway 1 for the congested climb leading up to Devil's Slide.
Overgrown bushes, narrow shoulders and heavy traffic, oh my.
The transition from roadway to bike path and pedestrian walkway.
Minutes later we were riding around that curve after shooting downhill at 40+ mph, dodging a wandering dog in the bike lane along the way.
Taking a minute to enjoy the view and put on wool leg warmers to prepare for the fast descent.
$7/night for a walk-in hiker biker site at the Half Moon Bay Park.
This was about 50 yards from out tents, not too shabby.
Woke up with the sun at 6 AM and decided to take a walk on the beach...
...wearing my Keen SPD sandals.
The ocean mist and fog cover made for wet tents in the morning.  Venting out some moisture before packing up and heading out for second breakfast.
Oatmeal and coffee at a restaurant near the marina in Montara.
For every ripping downhill there is a steep uphill.  A mother and her two young children were walking alongside us and chatting for a while.
Pulling off The Great Highway near the San Francisco Zoo after Don took a little tumble.
I brought us from sea level up to Twin Peaks on a gradual uphill and then we held the brake levers tight descending steep road segments back to Bernal Heights.


  1. Another great tour post. Good to see Don B on your journey. The Devils Slide Pathway is fantastic but a squencher on both ends heh?! Keep on trucking' Bill.....

    1. It was definitely a bit hairy on the climb approaching Devil's Slide. Every time I see a "Share The Road" sign I know that the shoulder disappears up ahead. Well worth it though...

    2. If you want to avoid the no shoulder section of Hwy 1, try taking Old Pedro Mountain Road from Pacifica to Montara which takes you over Montara Mountain. It's the old one lane road connecting these two communities. Half paved, half unpaved but rideable, even with narrow tires. Great views from the high points.