Saturday, March 23, 2013

3.23.2013 The Thunderbolt Ski Trail

The snowfall in Western Massachusetts hasn't been as heavy as it's been in Kiev lately, but there was still a pretty decent amount of snow on the ground.  It is about two month to the day since Kyle and I made our last trip to Mt. Greylock to ski The Thunderbolt.  

There was actually enough base to cover all of the rocks and grass and then there was about a foot of powder on top of it.  We skinned up The Thunderbolt all of the way until the Big Bend, there we took a side trail to avoid needing to bootpack up the steep section.  This detour added a little bit of distance to the hike up; however, we got some good views of spots to ski in the woods.  Only two skiers and one boarder rode past us on the skin up and two other skiers with a dog hung close with us for most of the way until the detour.  

Skinning up the start of the trail.
Crossing the road that cars can drive up in the summer, we were able to skin up the remainder of the trail right to the door of the lodge.  A few snowmobilers were hanging out in the lodge, but no other skiers were in sight.  One of the guys was nice enough to take our photo before heading back out.

Steez and stoke factors both high.
Cruising down the start of The Thunderbolt from the intersection with the auto road.


Looks like this could be the last good weekend for backcountry skiing before it warms up too much and the cover gets thin.  Who knows, maybe we'll get slammed with another foot of snow and The Thunderbolt will live on a little bit longer into Spring.

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