Thursday, February 7, 2013


The following photos were taken on the DTU campus and in a place known as Dyrehave. Dyrehave is the grounds for the Eremitage Palace, an 18th century hunting lodge with a grand view over the low rolling hills of the land. The large park is fenced so that the deer, which walk about in large herds, can roam freely. The photos were taken with a Canon G12 and a mini-tripod, and some shots are slightly motion blurred.
Kampsax Kollegiet and the circular, roofed  bike shelters.
A snowy walkway in Kampsax Kollegiet.

The 5km ring trail around campus.

One of DTU's boiler rooms.

The view from the entrance to the main building in DTU.

The forests surrounding Eremitagesletten. The yellowish light is light pollution from nearby Lyngby.


Eremitage Palace from afar.

Eremitage Palace

The lights of Landskrona, Sweden across the North Sea from Strandvejen.

The shoreline of Øresund facing northward.
The hike on which these pictures were taken started as a spontaneous decision at 9PM and ended up being significantly longer than expected. Instead of a 5 mile walk, it became 8 miles. The route map below is only approximate.

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