Sunday, January 29, 2012

1.29.2012 New Buck Ice

Here is the total rack all sorted out to head out at 5:30 this morning.

I wrote a post about rock climbing at New Buck a little while ago.  When Cam and I were climbing there it was pretty wet in some areas, so we figured there was a good chance of ice forming around this time of the year.  The approach was the same as last time logging in at about an hour each way.  It was plenty icy so I brought microspikes and used them, but Cam and Charles were not as fortunate.  Our guess was right, there was lots of ice to be climbed, so we climbed all of it.  There were no specific ice routes that we were seeking out.  The important thing was to get a lot of climbing in.
Thin Ice Conditions

Not much more to say right now, so here are some photographs and videos.  All taken with iPhone.

Unfortunately, climbing videos without editing show a lot more of placing protection and removing protection than actual climbing.  Oh well.

Next time I'll rotate the camera to take video, totally forgot that the orientation would result in videos with the black margins.

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